The Brekkie - Super Berry Planet Cookies
The Brekkie - Super Berry Planet Cookies
The Brekkie - Super Berry Planet Cookies
The Brekkie - Super Berry Planet Cookies
The Brekkie - Super Berry Planet Cookies

The Brekkie - Super Berry Planet Cookies

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Whole Food, High Protein, High Fiber & Gluten-Free Cookies!


SUPER BERRY PLANET COOKIES are made with earth-friendly practices and optimal nutrition in mind, including the mighty Açaí (ah-sigh-EE) berry which supports the Amazon. By using Açaí (from local company, Açaí Roots) we are supporting using land for indigenous crops, away from destructive crops like animal feed. Açaí  is quite tasty is a great source of anti-inflammatory & healing antioxidants! You can SEE and TASTE the Nutritional Rainbow 🌈 power in these cookies!

THE BREKKIE DEFINED -> These flavorful, great-tasting, unique & gluten-free cookies are based on whole plant foods, just like all of our products.  They're great for a chewy & satisfying breakfast, snack, workout food (pre or post), dessert, teatime, and beyond! Why? Because they also contain a variety of SUPER FOODS, along with whole food fats from seeds or nuts for maximum nutrient absorption! 

These colorful berry-based (hence they are vibrant PURPLE!) cookies  are OIL-FREE yet moist & soft-baked made from --> all natural, whole foods.  They’re a naturally balanced food that is high in anti-inflammatory super foods, protein, fiber and all around goodness! 


Ingredient: lentils*, dates*, gluten-free oat flour*, sunflower meal*, gluten-free rolled oats*, raisins*, gogi berries*, açaí powder*, mixed berry powder (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries), spices*, lemon zest*, vanilla extract*, baking powder, baking soda, pink salt. *organic

Our unique muffins & cookies are fresh & moist and made from whole foods, therefore they are semi-perishable and great to ship across the US, unrefrigerated (2-3 days). Please see the notes below for recommended  storage and shipping

Notes on storage & consumption:  PLEASE store in the fridge or freezer, but Goodies are best served at room temperature, or slightly warmed. Remove your serving from the fridge/freezer and allow to come to room temp, or warm in toaster oven until thawed. Microwave times can vary so use with caution to not overheat and make grains tough. 


 We ship on Mondays/Tuesdays

When you receive your cookies, please enjoy and store any leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer. They chill very well! 

Please choose the shipping option that is right for your location. 

CA/AZ/NV - $10 Standard Shipping using UPS GROUND. If you are outside these areas and choose this, your order will likely be sent using USPS which sometimes takes longer than desired. 

RECOMMENDED FOR OTHER AREAS (requiring air travel) - $15 UPS 3-DAY or $20 UPS 2-DAY.

Our cookies are semi-perishable. If you live outside CA/AZ/NV (requiring air travel) please choose UPS 2 OR 3 Day Shipping option to assure they arrive safely and avoid spoilage. NOTE: UPS usually does not deliver to P.O. Boxes.



“A moist gingerbread cookie is rare, and yours is delicious!! Bravo and yum.”

Andrea, Poway 

“I picked up some of the carrot cake cookies yesterday! Soooooo delicious Tracy!!!   Will def be going back for more because I have a feeling the rest of the bag will be gone by the end of the day today."

Amy, San Diego