Mocha Luce Chip Cookies
Mocha Luce Chip Cookies
Mocha Luce Chip Cookies

Mocha Luce Chip Cookies

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Whole Food, High Protein, High Fiber & Gluten-Free Cookies!

Imagine having an Italian latte... in a healthy cookie! 

"Luce" means "Light" in Italian!

Super tasty, unique oil-free treats, freshly made entirely from whole foods  & based on legumes, dates, almonds & oats. No junk. 

NEW! These treats are now made using San Diego company Marcie Sweets vegan & allergen-free White Baking Chips! We're happy to support a company that uses direct trade, working directly with producers in the region where cacao is grown. We're very happy to report that these bigger chips lend an even better, almost nutty (yet they contain no nuts!) creamy sweet flavor to our Mocha cookie! You're going to LOVE 'em!

 Imagine these tasty, filling & guilt-free goodies for breakfast (Yes! You can have cookies for breakfast!), tea-time, as pre or post-workout fuel, or dessert. They’re a naturally & nutritionally balanced food that is high in protein, fiber and all around goodness!


Lentils*, dates*, gluten-free oat flour*, sunflower seed meal*, white chocolate chips* ( cocoa butter*, raw cane sugar*, quinoa*, vanilla*), raisins*, cocoa*, flax*, fair trade coffee*, vanilla*,  baking powder, baking soda, sea salt.


Our unique muffins & cookies are fresh & moist and made from whole foods, therefore they are semi-perishable and OK to ship across the US, unrefrigerated (2-3 days). Please see the notes below for storage and shipping. 

Notes on storage & consumption:  PLEASE store in the fridge or freezer, but Goodies are best served at room temperature, or slightly warmed. Remove your serving from the fridge/freezer and allow to come to room temp, or warm in toaster oven until thawed. Microwave times can vary so use with caution to not overheat and make grains tough. 

IMPORTANT NOTE on cookie shipping: Our muffins & cookies are semi-perishable. If you live outside the southwestern US (requiring air travel) please choose "Express 2-3 Day Shipping" option to assure they arrive safely and avoid spoilage. When you receive your Goodies, please enjoy and store any leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer. They chill very well!