Savory Bites - Crispy Lentil Curry
Savory Bites - Crispy Lentil Curry
Savory Bites - Crispy Lentil Curry

Savory Bites - Crispy Lentil Curry

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Delightful rounds that are amazingly crispy on the outside and most and flavorful on the inside without frying! 

These  unique & oil-free Savory Bites are a family favorite of ours and will soon be yours! They are made from all natural, whole foods based on sprouted lentils, sprouted quinoa, vegetables and spices. Imagine these delicately spiced, filling & guilt-free rounds in your next Buddha bowl  or as a snack with a creamy cucumber sauce or hummus. Of course they are a standout in pita sandwiches or curry "tacos" topped with tomatoes, shredded lettuce and cucumber! They’re a naturally balanced food that is high in vegetable goodness, protein, fiber, complex carbs and all around balanced nutrition! 


Sprouted lentils*, sprouted quinoa*, onions*, carrots*, seasonal greens (like kale, cilantro, arugula)*, sunflower meal*, gluten-free oat flour*, arrowroot, flax*, garlic*, spices*, coconut aminos*, pink salt 


Notes on storage & consumption:
PLEASE store IMMEDIATELY in the fridge or freezer, but falafel (though ready-to-eat) are best served at room temperature, or warmed/toasted. Remove your serving from the fridge/freezer and allow to come to room temp, or warm in toaster oven until crispy on the outside and warmed on the inside (3-4 minutes). Microwaves can make foods tough, so are not recommended, or use with caution to not overheat.

Serving Size = 3 Lentil Curry Bites