Hemp Oat Milk

Hemp Oat Milk

Confused about plant-milks? Which one is best, or what’s the healthiest choice? Looking for a really simple one to make yourself, with very little effort? Well, about Oat Hemp Milk!? Just blend and store/pour! No straining required, especially if you’re planning to use it for cooking or on your morning oats (like us!). Super simple and ready in seconds! 


What is "milk" anyway? Isn't it just something to splash on your cereal in the morning, put in a smoothie and cook with? Well to me - that means it should be simple, nutritious, made from plants and leave out the middle-cow! 


Makes 3 cups (24 ounces)

3 cups water

1/4 cup oats 

2 tablespoons - 1/4 cup hemp seeds 

1 tablespoon pitted dates (opt)

dash salt

dash pumpkin pie spice (opt) 

1. Blend

1.5 You can optionally strain it through a nut milk bag to remove pulp but I don't.

2. Chill

3. Drink! 




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