Krispy Baked Tofu

Krispy Baked Tofu


A super easy way to prepare oil-free, crispy and flavorful tofu to complement and add plant protein to any meal! It's terrific in a stir fry, as shown or added to salads - or just as an appetizer! 

I have prepared & eaten tofu in some shape or form several times per week for the better part of my life! And our whole family LOVES it - pretty much any way we prepare it! But sometimes it is laborious and I was looking for a really easy way to bake tofu - tried and true! 

The secret is in the marinade! I've used many different coatings before, but this is the best so far. I happen to keep all of these things handy so it's easy to throw together. Feel free to experiment. 

Krispy Baked Tofu 

1 16 oz package extra firm tofu - cubed - see below for notes on brands

1-2 tablespoons tamari soy sauce, Bragg's Aminos, coconut aminos etc. 

2 tablespoons arrowroot powder or cornstarch

2 tablespoons almond meal

2 tablespoons aquafaba (chickpea cooking liquid) or veg broth/water

 Sprinkle: sesame seeds - spices, nutritional yeast - optional 

1. Preheat to 425 - line sheet with parchment 

2. Whisk the marinade together in a large bowl. Add any additional flavorings you like: nutritional yeast, sesame seeds, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, turmeric (these are my favorites!)  - you can add spicy stuff! Or wait and add it later, as a garnish! 

3. Add the tofu and toss very well to coat the tofu with the sauce.

4. Pour the tofu onto the lined sheet and space the pieces to separate them to allow for even baking. 

5. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until golden and firm on the edges. Remove and use any way you like. 

Stir it well to coat. 

Your Krispy Baked Tofu after it's done! 


 NOTES ON TOFU. For this recipe, I like to use a super firm tofu that holds its shape well for tossing and during baking, but softer ones will work - you can either press them to remove excess water, or just be gentle. They may take longer to cool and firm up. 

I like this one from Trader Joe's (or Wildwood), or San Diego Soy Dairy firm tofu. 


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  • Tracy Childs

    Hi Shae! Yes I have frozen tofu, but I honestly prefer the texture of the unfrozen tofu. Freezing then thawing the tofu creates a chewier consistency. And I think it’s great used crumbled as a meat sub in tacos or chili. In this recipe, use unfrozen tofu and you’ll find that the texture is great, after baking! The marinade and the baking create an amazing texture. Just be sure to choose a really firm tofu! Enjoy and thanks!

  • SHae

    Hi Tracy:) Was wondering if you tried freezing the tofu once or twice to get even a crisp your tofu? I’ve seen on other recipes when they fired that they freeze the tofu once or twice in the package and then they get a crispier texture or a different texture

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