I love Earth Day!

This button is from the first Earth Day celebration back in 1970.

Yep, we are THAT old! 

Earth Day is an annual celebration that honors the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earths natural resources for future generations. The first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970.

To me, it's day when I slow down a bit and think about our impact upon this beautiful planet, and learn about ways in which we can help rather than hinder. 

But of course one day won't matter much because it's collectively our everyday choices that can make a difference. 

More and more we are looking at our food choices and many of us are going vegan to decrease the impact of and demand for animal agriculture. But is just going vegan enough? Should we examine our individual choices within the foods in the plant kingdom? I think we definitely should! We hear we should avoid processed foods for our health, but what about for environmental health? As it turns out, the more processing a food goes through, the larger the impact on the planet. Processing definitely uses more resources like water, building space, electricity and fuel, and the act of processing the food could very well be damaging our planet (like a potato chip factory building creating pollution for example). It also wastes more food because parts of the food are stripped away when targeted nutrients are isolated, like pea protein, for example. And we should consider products that use palm fruit oil. Are they truly Vegan if they contribute to rainforest habitat distruction? 

That's just one key reason that at Tracy's REAL FOODS we source foods that are less processed and closer to the original plant (like using whole dates to sweeten our Nutritious Cookies and whole buckwheat groats to add crunch to our Raw Granolas and Crackers.

Our friend Dr. Michael Greger said it best today in his video,  "Win Win  Dietary Solutions to the Climate Crisis" where he discusses this same topic with information taken from The EAT-Lancet Commission as they lay out the best diet for human and planetary health.

Just a little Food for Thought as we celebrate Spring and Earth Day! 

I hope you're able to enjoy the day, get outside and bring along your favorite Tracy's REAL Foods Goodies! 

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