Vegan Nut Parmesan

Vegan Nut Parmesan

This is the answer to all of your parmesan needs! So simple to make and keep on hand! It makes everything taste better! You can even make garlic bread with it — just mix it with water to form a spreadable paste, then add fresh, minced garlic to taste. Spread on whole grain bread, then broil/toast until browned on top! Delish! 

Vegan Nut “Parmesan”

Makes: 1 cup

½ cup nut/seed of choice (or a mix)

½ cup Nutritional Yeast

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon onion powder

dash salt (to taste)

Place all ingredients blender and pulse lightly to combine and chop.

Place in a bowl and sprinkle this nutritious mixture on salads, veggies, or Italian dishes. The sky is the limit!

Refrigerate unused portion in a sealed container.


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  • Yulia Konovnitsyna

    Oh so easy! Will have to try this one. Thank you, Tracy!

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