Make Your Morning Oats POP!

This is our go to, quick and delicious breakfast using our Buckwheat Crunch Granola!

It doesn’t get much simpler than this for a filling, delicious, unprocessed breakfast! This is a great idea for breakfast on-the-go because the oats, chia and flax soften after soaking for a short period of time! The fruit and Tracy's Real Foods Buckwheat Crunch Granola sweetens the oats very nicely. Change up your fruit & granola choices to enjoy a variety of combinations. 

For milk, I either use Trader Joe's Soy Milk (unsweetened - only soy and water) or I make Hemp Oat Milk! Super easy to make your own and it's also cheaper and more environmental. In this video, I demo the milk (and use it in a Berry Chia Parfait recipe)  and describe how to get those pesky labels and glue off jars you want to reuse! I LOVE my tomato sauce jar (shown above) repurposed as a jar for my homemade milks! 

It's all about the CRUNCH! 


Here I demo how to make Easy Oats Breakfast Bowl (4 minutes). 

Ingredients for Easy Oats Breakfast Bowl

Easy Oats Breakfast Bowl (makes 1 serving)


¼ - ¾ cup rolled oats

sugar-free, oil-free Tracy's Real Foods Buckwheat Crunch Granola (choose from 3 different flavors: Cinnamon Date, Cranberry Pecan and Coconut Cacao)

chia seeds (just a small sprinkle)

cinnamon and nutmeg

hot water (optional)

soy, rice, almond milk to cover (try my homemade Hemp Oat Milk with recipe demo video)

fresh fruit, frozen fruit and/or dried fruit of choice

ground flax seeds

other nuts and seeds of choice (optional)


  1. Place uncooked rolled oats in a breakfast/soup bowl.
  2. Sprinkle on cinnamon to taste and small amount of nutmeg.
  3. If using, moisten the oats with a small amount of hot water. Pour soy, rice or almond milk or other dairy alternative over the top to cover (add more liquid as needed).
  4. Add seasonal/frozen/dried fruit: blueberries, bananas, strawberries, apples, peaches, raisins, cranberries (as examples).
  5. Top with small amount of granola, nuts or seeds of choice: walnuts, ground flax, pumpkin, seeds, or sunflower seeds.
  6. Stir and enjoy.



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